Today’s politically right is thwarting the choices our politicians are making in Washington. Truth be told, congress is tied up in matrix lock while nothing gets done! Divided bickering will fortunately continue until the presidential decision.

As some of the defining issues are being debated, why Is it that year after year the American open elects government officials who empower change but we find ourselves frustrated and furious at the incompetence of those parties?

Today’s Politicians are now actually being run by special interest groups. From environmental bunches to labor unions to the lobbyist. These types of group have become even more powerful as we watch our politicians “dance” when they pull their strings. This is the reason we hear so many different positions on any issue confronting our country. Rubio_Trump_Carson

Whether it’s Republican not conceding there is a problem concerning the global warming, to democrats denying domestic oil generation, the issues America faces in the 21st century need to be dealt with concise actions and will of the American public. We cannot afford to proceed with the way of political correctness.


To be frank, an entire maiden of heavy light is shown on Hillary Clinton by FoxNews. Every single move by Hillary Clinton is being closely watched by them. What are they up to? Is it for the reason of leading Clinton to her own hindrance? On the other hand shinning her light for public approval?

All things considered, in a recent upheaval, Hillary Clinton is calling for the examination of ExxonMobil, after the group halted funding her family’s foundation.

Clinton’s new call for a justice Department examination concerning ExxonMobil follows a similar call made by her democratic Presidential rivals Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders. She declared in New Hampshire Thursday that a probe was not supported in light of the fact that “there is a lot of evidences that they eluded” the open on the impacts of climate change. There has long been ample evidence of ExxonMobil’s Part in advancing “skeptics” who challenge widely acknowledged climate science.

Agreeing to CNN, Donald Trump is vowing to drastically cut income taxes for millions of America over wealth range while casting aside loopholes famous on Wall Street. Clinton formally launches 2016 campaign with focus on economic equity.

Donald Trump as President, what a Joke to the international community! Donald could be said to be inexperience at the moment at this point, with time experiences will be bagged by him. Yet, again people may be tired of politicians, the untruth and misleading and back door corruption, people could want something different, similar to comedian Morales, elected Guatemala President, individuals of Guatemala were nourished up with legislators and wanted to take a stab at something else.

The major contradiction over whether there is an “emerging Democratic Majority” the proposition that argues that Democrats have built a presidential greater part that could only be defeated under unfavorable condition focuses on interpretive difference over the 2014 elections. Proponent of this theory release the    midterm decisions as an issue of districting and turnout; Democrats have trouble rousing their lopsidedly youthful, poor supporters to the polls in a non-presidential year, and the tilted house and Senate map further compounded the GOP advantage.

Bush decision to send troops to places of terrorism such as Iraq, at first and again 2007, against Saddam Hussein’s refusal to comply with the United Nation’s needed to end, as well as arguing that failure to send more troops to Iraq in 2007 could have resulted in a situation similar to the Vietnam War. In Afghanistan, he noted the difficulties of capturing former leader Osama Bin Laden. He states that a few months before the end of his term his administration arranged a strategy of sending more troops to Afghanistan and increasing automation strikes on Pakistan. He felt it was best to wait until his successor took office for the US military to employ this strategy.

I was not a big supporter of Bush, but rather dealing with people like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un, you need someone like George Bush, that is not frightened of getting his hands dirty.

Although Bush choice could be seen as a devilish demonstration, yet it can actually be seen as a positive yielded result on emphasizing the oneness of Americans against terrorism. He took intense steps without bowing to forces against him and technically washes his hands off the earth”. However, the scope of his work protected the image and offer wants to Americans. Such like Bush have we seen as our President But few really acted like him. One way or the other, he has controlled for himself the populace interest and attitude towards approval.

The establishing of America was a noteworthy occasion in history. America put to the test the inquiry of whether man is fit to rule himself, whether man is proficient of providing equality and equity, or is man to be ruled by monarch or nobility, for his own good. America became the world’s first democratic country. One of the major principles of America is that is represented under the US constitution, not by the will of men; the final source of power is the people, not monarch, not a President. The rights of the people were set above all else, to be preserved for all posterity. The opening line of the US states this strikingly and plainly:

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more flawless Union, set up justice, insure domestic tranquility, accommodate the common defense (sic), and promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our and our prosperity, appoint and establish this constitution for the United States Of America.”

Since its inception, there have been those that charge America is destined to fail; and yet, America has survived for over 200 years. However, America will not survive as a democracy, if its people fail in their desire for the principles that founded America: liberty, justice, equality, and virtue. It is a burden that America willingly undertook in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence, and carried it through a bloody Civil War, and two World Wars. Can the American people continue to carry this burden? If it is to be, it must be through the people, for in a democracy, there can be no other.