How the Media Can Ignore You: If You Are a Woman

My Article about Cecily Strong At the recent Washington Correspondents Dinner, President Obama came out swinging against the press and no one was surprised. He even brought along his angry translator, you know the guy from Key and Peele, Keegan-Michael Key. Key did his usual routine, some of it I’ve seen before, as you probably have. […]

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Everyday life and social media stress

My Article on Social Media Stress: Ed Blaze In an age of non-stop tweets and trending topics, social media is pretty much the way to communicate and share information – both breaking news and nonsensical status updates on how great your apple was earlier. With the average American spending hours on Facebook and Twitter every […]

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Standup comedy is in flux

My Article on Stand up Comedy: Ed Blaze Stand-up comedy is in flux today and that doesn’t mean it’s always funny. Perhaps it’s merely a reflection on our world. I mean look at the shape of the world today. Everybody’s fighting about this or that, one country against another. Many times the fighting happens between […]

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