American Politics “Why Trump is Good for America”

Trump is not very popular among the better part of the younger generation or very popular with female voters. He is quite an opinionated individual and has a lot of motivation, though it can easily be argued that his morals and the way he uses his motivation could use quite a bit of adjustment. He […]

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Today’s politically right is thwarting the choices our politicians are making in Washington. Truth be told, congress is tied up in matrix lock while nothing gets done! Divided bickering will fortunately continue until the presidential decision. As some of the defining issues are being debated, why Is it that year after year the American open […]

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AMA 2015

American Music Awards 2015: I Loved the Show, But…

I know each American Music Awards brings its own bag of shock and brilliance, but, boy, was I well served by the performance mix we had at the 2015 edition! I mean, it was good, bad, average, something in between – pick your favorite. Now, before I start, I just want everyone to know that […]

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What If the Tyga-Kylie Breakup Were (After All) Beneficial for the Rapper?

News of Tyga and Kylie Jenner ending their months-long relationship shocked some people, confused others and pleased many more. Some fans wanted my opinion on the whole romantic saga – and here is it, in two simple views. First, I think the whole celebrity romance thing, with bouts of sentimental bliss interspersed with breakups or […]

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The Hidden bumps of Becoming a New Comedian

When starting comedy as a new comedian, you get excited and meet new friends—new, funny friends. We all have done this, like high school kids, we find friends that like us or have similar likes and form a group. In comedy one of the worst things you can do is create a group of friends […]

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Bill Cosby

Probable Cos – I used to look up to Bill Cosby

The sordid stories about Bill Cosby continue to accumulate. After his latest admission under oath that he allegedly obtained drugs with the intent of having sex, I found it greatly disturbing, but also a major disappointment. I’m sure that goes for countless others. I used to look up to Bill Cosby. When I came to […]

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The Trump Presidency will bring back the Trumpover to some Americans

Pretend for a moment and only a brief moment that Mr. Trump has won the elections. What are the possibilities and how will things actually play out if Donald Trump wins the Presidency.  Let’s pretend for a moment and only a brief moment that Mr. Trump has won the elections and we are looking back […]

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Uber Customers and Drivers Polluting the air in NYC

Is Uber replacing public transit rides in New York City and contributing to more traffic and pollution? Are Uber users, in demanding cheap rides instead of taking the subway, actually contributing to global warming? I suppose it depends on how you look at it. New York City is a very dense metropolitan area and every […]

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The healing power of humor – Laughter

Ed Blaze here! – My life journey proves that comedy can bring peace and unity to the world.    For some people, the universal language is music, for others it is dance or sport.  For me, it’s comedy. Humor is my way of communicating so I can create a bond with people from different cultures and we […]

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Cecily Strong

How the Media Can Ignore You: If You Are a Woman

My Article about Cecily Strong At the recent Washington Correspondents Dinner, President Obama came out swinging against the press and no one was surprised. He even brought along his angry translator, you know the guy from Key and Peele, Keegan-Michael Key. Key did his usual routine, some of it I’ve seen before, as you probably have. […]

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